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It’s all part of heightening the desire, pushing the sex drive, both partners taking more time and care to enjoy their sexual experience to the fullest. We have a saying that, ‘your grandma has better orgasms than you do,’ because older people have more experience and insight into what feels best for them. After shower orgasms i need about five minutes to recover and usually switch to the drench shower head and stand and let the water flood over me. Eventually, when it gets to be too much, the dam breaks. Is there something wrong with me? Stick that corner in your pussy and squeeze the bag. Enter your email address to be notified when new stories are published.


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I position myself so my feet are on the bench, my knees raised and my thighs apart so the stream hits my clitoris and, as it is quite a spread jet, the rest of my vulva, too. Is becoming even more sensitive than usual. I like to get in my bathtub and face my pussy against the jets.

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