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Sue said that the dirty bastard had a whole collection of filthy porn and we asked if there was any of her in there which made everyone fall about when it was obvious from her hesitation that there probably was! she and jake had got off several times, we all knew that. Emma reached down and pulled out the waist band of her knickers away from her tummy. ‘ she said jumping up with a big smile on her cute little face. Her face was nice too, not beautiful, but certainly attractive. Emma took off her coat and threw it on the little sofa bed and i rummaged around for a moment or two before handing her a towel and a pair of my jeans.

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Marking territory

They love the sound of rain, well, at least from the inside. She’s turning out to be a very intelligent little pig, not to mention completely adorable. I put a towel on my lap when handling him and luckily the couch was leather so i could disinfect and wipe it down.