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Each position presents new possibilities, with the new fingering placing different notes under string-bending fingers. Aim to stay in time. Let’s begin with a brian may-style lick. Why not keep the rhythm and change the notes to come up with an idea of your own? The beauty of the five-position system is that it gives you some very bold and instantly identifiable visual, aural and physical landmarks when learning new ideas. Who said rockers couldn’t mix it with the intellectuals? Without divulging the picking secrets of the ‘rock guitar magic circle society, examine how the hammer-ons in bar 2 facilitate greater speed and stamina.


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Free rock guitar lick.


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This triplet-based example is again derived from a sequence of three, although this time it alternates between descending and ascending notes. Thanks for this freebie, they are inspiring. Again, we’re making great use of all the tone gaps present within the pentatonic scale, although in the second bar we’re upping the ante with a minor 3rd slide.