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With my pussy lips moist and protruding from it’s hairless mound, i stood there while they all looked me over. Are you saying that you’ve never pulled down your foreskin before or. For the advice and reassurance and lack of judgment. It more difficult to avoid premature ejaculation. Topical steroids could be used as a first-line treatment for pathologic phimosis and is a viable option prior to surgery. As a cut male i’m like what? at this whole thread. Unfortunately, all of the information about this (as well as surgery info) is from the uk.


Foreskin retraction and cumming21m [uncircumcised] virgin who just now found out [foreskin retraction] is a thing - should i be concerned? : sex



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I didn’t find any helpful results so i just kept trying to pull my foreskik back up over my head, after about 5mins of tugging panicking it went back to normal and the skin was over it perfectly fine. That usually causes some issues when sexually active. Reassurance and reinforcement of proper preputial hygiene may need to be repeated at periodic intervals.