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Please do not confuse d/s with s&m, which is sadomasochism. Even talking about power exchange we have to pander to the feelings of feminazi turds? being an insecure control freak with issues that you can’t express in civilised company that you use “our thing” for is not being a dominant. If my handling of his vulnerable body is just a game, i’m unable to comply, his submission is genuine therefore, nothing but my undivided attention to his desires will do. This is where your dominance or submissiveness in bed is rooted. This is where the fun really starts. Limitations, and very often there is a safety word, which allows for the obedient to control what the dominant person is doing. If you have usually been the more submissive partner and your man is usually the one who takes the initiative, then you may feel awkward and nervous trying these suggestions and trying to become more dominant.


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This is your inseam measurement. Now this sweet hound has a much greater chance of bone cancer and other diseases because an ill-educated vet and a “follow-like-sheep” couple failed to consult the breeder or follow the breeder’s specific guidelines concerning the proper age at which to spay or neuter if necessary. Used force or domination.

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