Band island jam virgin

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Tribute to a caribbean and virgin islands music legend, ambrose francisco boots schmidt of the awesome jam band

At kean high, his musical experience was further extended as he learned and mastered the piano, the trombone and bass, and all the while undertaking music theory, arranging and composing with mr. The album for 2012 is aptly entitled, ‘we will survive’. Eustatius, netherland antilles, ambrose francisco “boots” schmidt was born on october 11, 1967 to william and the late brenda schmidt. Many write songs, but how many can truly write songs that are imaginative, commanding and at the same time pulsating? The news tore through the hearts of many who knew boots personally and have had the pleasure of sharing time in the presence of a man who is known to have created and perfected the jam band style; which synonymously became the v. As gathered, the band is now officially known as the awesome jam band. Boots, through his example of contributing to culture and music in the virgin islands exemplified professionalism when it came to his musical craft.


The awesome jambandBoots of jam band killed days after birthday | the labour spokesman

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Band island jam virgin.